playing catch up
Here are five stories about me. Two of them are false.
#1 – When I applied for my first SEO job, I knew absolutely nothing about SEO.
#2 – I presented on mobile marketing to a group of professionals in San Diego. I did this with a flip-phone in my pocket. It was 2011.
#3 – I once spent a half hour looking for the “save” button in FileZilla.
#4 – I may have been the only person at the 2012 MozCon without a Twitter handle.
#5 – Although I’ve been employed as an SEO expert for nearly seven years, I’ve never owned a website until now.

I lied. Sadly, they’re all true.

I’ve had an atypical background for someone in the SEO industry. I didn’t grow up tinkering with websites, publishing articles, writing code, crunching numbers, daydreaming about Madison Avenue or anything else related. I was a normal kid from the country who spent time and money on concerts and fireworks 1. In some ways I think it’s helped give me a unique perspective. In most ways, however, it’s forced me into an ongoing game of playing catch up. So that’s why this blog exists.

  • It’s not for you – I know… that’s not the best thing to say to the three people who will read this.
  • It’s not for fun – although I hope it will be.
  • It’s to get better at SEO and everything it touches, period.

And yes, I know there are TONS of other SEO blogs out there. While I hope mine offers something different enough to warrant a little bit of your interest and Google’s crawl budget, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll try to post at least once a month, hopefully more. While this may change, I envision the topics being around SEO theory 2, hypotheses and test results, content curation and resources, how-to’s, agency life and the occasional random, non-SEO related topic.

Have questions or comments? Leave a note below or hit me up on Twitter.

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  1. Now I just don’t live in the country.

  2. I’m especially interested in theories that challenge the majority consensus.