On one hand, Google Correlate is an incredibly powerful tool that sheds light into the behaviors and mindsets of all types of people. On the other hand, its massive dataset has been well documented in leading people to blur the lines between correlation and causation.

But on the other hand (yes, we’re up to three hands now), Google Correlate is just fun to play around with.

Warning: The rest of this article should not be taken seriously. I’m serious.

Here are seven SEO-themed spurious Google Correlate examples!

1. The Strongest Argument for the “Link Building is Dead” Camp

link building vs how to reset blackberry Google Correlate
I will fully admit I am still in the link building business, but this is just sad. On top of “how to reset blackberry”, terms like “pics of emo” and “fax cover sheet” make up some of the highest correlating terms. Yikes!

2. Do Growth Hackers Skip Leg Day?

growth hacking vs leg day Google Correlate
Right or wrong, the term “growth hacking” has come to be associated with a propped-up façade, lacking much substance. Similarly, an entire category of memes has been created for weight lifters who regularly skip leg day. Maybe there’s something here

3. Gray Hat SEO is a Dangerous Gateway Drug

gray hat vs. dun dun dun dun Google Correlate
DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN! If you’re not shaking in your boots after seeing this correlation, there may be no hope for you. Just say no, kids.

4. “404 Page” Literally Correlates with a School that No Longer Exists

404 page vs Kaplan College Google Correlate
Kaplan Collee closed campuses SERP result
LOLOLOLOLOL! You can’t make this stuff up. Well, I suppose you could, but see for yourself.

5. Does Inbound Marketing Cause High Cholesterol?

inbound marketing vs fenofibrate Google Correlate
It all makes sense!

  • Inbound Marketing is stressful.
  • Stress leads to unhealthy eating.
  • Unhealthy eating leads to high cholesterol.
  • Fenofibrate is a medicine used for treating high cholesterol.

6. There’s a Fine Line Between Cold Calling and CRO

conversion rate optimization vs who called me from Google Correlate
Not only are variations of “who called me from” in the top correlative keywords, “block someone” and “how to clear cookies” also made the list. Also, is Neil Patel a doctor? Because this would explain a lot!

7. If There Was an SEO Bible, Who Would Write It?

seomoz vs bible.cc Google Correlate
Yeah, probably.

What Other SEO Correlations Exist?

I’m sure I’ve just scratched the surface. Have you come across any others? Post them in the comments below.