About Sandbox SEO

Sometimes the best way to describe something is to say what it isn’t.

  • This isn’t an SEO agency. I’m not looking for more work.
  • This isn’t affiliated with any other company. It’s a one-man operation; opinions are my own.
  • This isn’t created to make money, but you’re welcome to send me cash for nothing in return.

Why Sandbox?

I settled on ‘Sandbox’ for its double-meaning. First, sandbox is a development term that describes the environment closed off to the public where you can test, break and ultimately work out the kinks before pushing to production. That’s essentially why this site exists. I want to break things and learn from them. The only difference is you get to be there to watch.

Secondly in the SEO world, sandbox refers to a highly speculated, never proven purgatory-of-sorts for new sites where even with great content and links, rankings are temporarily lowered to suppress and discourage any spammy tactics designed to quickly game the system. There’s also “reverse sandbox” which is somewhat self-explanatory. I’m obviously gunning for that one.

In short, Sandbox SEO is a blog about all things SEO (theory, practice, selling it in, etc.). I come from an agency background, so much will be written from that perspective. Speaking of background…

About Tylor

You can learn more about me and why I started Sandbox SEO on another post, but here’s a quick background of my SEO career:

I began my digital marketing career in 2009 as an SEO Specialist for a Kansas City-based advertising agency. I grew within the organization and eventually was leading the SEO and Social Media team before leaving in 2014 to join my next venture. Now, I’m doing SEO at another KC digital marketing company where I try to help my teammates and clients navigate the waters of SEO, content strategy and UX.

Tylor and Bil reunited at Moz

Fun facts about me:

  • I might just be the biggest Houston Rockets never to live in Texas.
  • I’ve attended over 150 concerts 1
  • I’m against blind usage of the Oxford comma. We’re better than that.

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  1. If you add in concerts I’ve played in (back in the day), it’s probably closer to 500.